#Artistresidency Lévana Schütz at Es Baluard

Lévana Schutz The Spur


“On the other side of the wall,

there is a room similar to mine.

Where all the furniture is the same

As the furniture in my room.

Like the reflection of a mirror,

everything is set on the opposite side.

There, is living a clone of myself.

Like a shadow, he is moving as I move,

doing things as I do,

and thinking as I think.

If I am near the window,

he stands like me in front of his window.

If I am reading on the right recliner,

he does the same on his left recliner.

If I am near the entrance door, listening the people in the corridor,

he is doing exactly the same in his room.

Each step, each movement, each noise,

Are the same as mine.

He is my twin in a twin room and the echoes

of his walk resounds to my ears

like a rustle of a stranger not welcome.

We both are frightened to go out,

to discover the anonymous next door”

Lévana Schutz The Spur
Lévana Schutz The Spur
Exhibition view from the Esbaluard Museum of modern and contemporary art of Palma de Mallorca

“To Film and photograph to search a shape of truth, a reality that contemporary humans offer me, on my scale. Lost in the immensity of the world with innumerable borders, starting with those which delimit me from my neighbors, and thrust again by the equally innumerable quantity of anonymous, transparent because disappearing under the mass of the number”.

Here is the interest toward Lévana Schütz (Paris, 1993) tends her goal. The outside, the out of individuality, the out of the other, question her work. During her residency at Palma de Mallorca with The Es Baluard Museu d’Art Moderni i Contemporani de Palma and Addaya, Centre d’Art Contemporani d’Alaró, she was experimenting with photography and video to find a way to create a mystification from non-place and common place.

Starting her research with polaroid and dipositive photography, she was focusing her lens toward the industry of tourism of Mallorca and its sea. The images from the sea, large surface endless is nourished by the Three pleasure of imagination as, sublime, singularity and beauty. Nonetheless, walls, windows and shutters from Hotels offer many possibilities to rediscover the structure of this tiny environment as well as subject of imagination.

Thus, she chose to photograph the interior of those spaces without the possibility to spread its look toward the horizon. In the Series of MONADA, she closes between eight Polaroids of interior space one with the horizon on the sea block by a roasting in first plane.                

Lévana Schutz The Spur


Lévana Schutz The Spur
Lévana Schutz The Spur
Lévana Schutz The Spur

In another hand, she was focusing her camera to the dereferences facades of hotels buildings which was front of the sea. But she never tries to revel the sea on her images, its presence is more as a detail on the reflection of some windows or from the seal down the hotels.

Lévana Schutz The Spur
Lévana Schutz The Spur
Lévana Schutz The Spur
Lévana Schutz The Spur
Investigative Black and White Dipositive photography, all around the island of Mallorca
Lévana Schutz The Spur
Lévana Schutz The Spur


“Stripped of all human presence, the walls of hotel rooms reveal in an imaginary story their magical personality. Everything seems to refer to the intimate space, yet here endangered by the sanitized nudity of spaces resulting from the commonality of massive tourism. The viewer is the protagonist and the hidden witness of the dialogue which these places offer us”.

After discovering certain tourist place on the island, Lévana Schütz began to write and shoot scenes, as well as to create architectural drawings of the hotel rooms. All this fiction originated through this unique space that became her world, where the social environment, na­ture and the perception of time are questioned.

Through the play of images, articulated, cut, unrolled on the time of the gaze, she wishes to pay homage to the absence of the human figure, to its inexorably temporary appearance in the space of the living. With the video and the photography, she is looking for a presence, from the former day, who penetrates the film of the camera and takes word. “And if everyone disappeared, to let’s exist just one human, duplicate a thousand time, as a clone in each similar room?”

With this New fantasy, directly inspired by the places that she visited, she centered her filmic and photographic proposition around this idea of symmetry and twin. From here, she continues to search images where the architecture could propose her by its arrangement/ measure a symmetry and a repetition. Favor has this plan, she creates a device that allow her to build her movies and pursue her research for putting in space photography and drawings which she gleaned during her residency.

Lévana Schutz The Spur
Lévana Schutz The Spur
Lévana Schutz The Spur
TWIN ROOM, matt vinyl drawing on glass