Bureau des Arts et Territoires
Montpellier, France



The Bureau des Arts et Territoires is a 1901 law association created in 2012 to deal with the changing cultural landscape, which set itself the goal of supporting the visual arts and accompanying them on new courses they are required to invest in.

The aim is to provide an interface between artists, communities, companies and associations for the design and realization of artistic projects and / or support artistic work, fundraising, communication and mediation through cultural management.

It provides specific advice, support and administrative and technical support to artists in the implementation and monitoring of their artistic projects in order to promote their professional development.

To carry out these projects, it is possible to mobilize a multidisciplinary team as needed by using other cultural operators, artists, mediators, graphic designers, architects, landscape architects, urban planners, sociologists, philosophers…

Residency space

The Bureau des Arts et Territoires will offer a residency for artists in a contemporary art space with mentoring provided by the professionals of the organisation. For this purpose, Bureau des Arts et Territoires collaborates with La Panacée, Contemporary art centre of Montpellier, opened in June 2013. La Panacée has recently taken a new direction as it is meant to introduce what will be a major art centre coordinated by Nicolas Bourriaud due to open in 2019 in different places around the City.

Additional support

Artists will be able to use the facilities and equipment of Bureau des Arts et Territoires, if and when available and if booked beforehand.