Exploratory Study. The ICI-MÉME project

by Pauline Tico and Afra Quintanas

Ici-même (Right here) wants to bring live back to a specific site and context by building a series of artistic and cultural activities, performances and exhibitions both at the private and public space. The sites are located nearby the city centre. Besides the amount of vacancies, they have some commercial activity around and scholar’s footfall.


Project goals

The Art Centre works to assist in the production and dissemination of artists, transmits knowledge related to the contemporary art and encourages economic opportunities facilitating access to expertise. Ici- même, as a new project, looks forward to achieve the following goals:

1. To include a 65% of activities designed to develop the creative thinking

2. To bring new footfall in the area through a series of events in order to re-enchant the city and to retain visitors by building activities linked to other entities, business or neighbours in the area

3. Organise at least 70% of activities to encourage interdisciplinary meetings

4. To promote artists visibility by designing systems that could work for them as a platform

5. Reach at least 5 new targets/audiences through activities and communication

6. Actions to encourage the exchange of knowledge, good practices and to boosts peoples’ curiosity

7. Our main output as a project is the production of artworks, objects, events, meetings and debates

Ici-même The Spur
© Yohann Gozard

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