Sputnik Oz.
Bratislava, Slovakia



Sputnik Oz promotes the production of works of art by the emerging artists of Eastern Europe and their relationship with contemporary art. With the objective of promoting Slovak artists on the international scene, it has been responsible for organising exhibitions and residences abroad and in the opposite direction – it has presented international projects in Slovakia. It manages a programme of artists in residence in Slovakia and Italy in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the Morra Greco Foundation. It cooperates with many public and private structures, promoting the international exchange of experiences. It took part in the AIMS. Artists in Movement project presented as part of the Creative Europe Culture EACEA CALL 47/2014 with the Fondazione per l’Arte, Rome

Residency space

Sputnik Oz is offering private rooms in the hearth of Bratislava, close to the presidential palace and the castle. The accommodation is equipped with kitchen, bedroom, private bathroom and exhibition space.

Additional support

Residents will have specific mentoring by international Bratislava-based artist Petra Feriancova and additional mentoring in editorial practices. Residents are welcome to present their works in the frame of the exhibition space after agreement with the management on the precise manner (presentation, lecture, action/ performance, exhibition or book).