Bòlit. Contemporary Art Centre. Girona


Bòlit. Contemporary Art Centre, has been running research, artistic production and exhibition programmes since 2008. It is an open, participative space offering a service to artists and to the public. It provides support for creative work and artistic production, presents individual and group exhibitions, organises activities and educational programmes, and has a project for artists in residence.

Located on the northeast of Catalonia, Bòlit wants to be a highly dynamic and active art centre inviting creators and professionals from other fields of knowledge, both from local as national and international scenes, as well from different generations and interests, to work through different topics related to contemporary issues.

Bòlit works closely on the ground with initiatives and programmes carried out in the province of Girona to promote collaboration and project exchange. Creative production at the centre is linked to other contexts and international research and creation spaces.

We are operating through two different spaces: a small XIX century pavilion (Bòlit-LaRambla Exhibition Hall) and a medieval chapel (Bòlit-SantNicolau), both in the old center of the city.

Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa is a programme of creative residencies designed to promote national and international artistic exchanges. The project has two aims: to welcome new artists and their work to Girona, and to foster the international mobility of local artists.

The program involves preparing a space for the residency and calling for applicants to occupy it, with options for organizing exchanges with other centers in Catalonia, Spain and abroad that also offer artistic residencies.

The space is designed to accommodate artists, curators and other professionals working with the visual arts, enabling them to explore their ideas in greater depth and providing support for the creative and/or research process, while making their work known to a wider public through participation in the Bòlit program or exhibitions in the city’s municipal and civic spaces.

This space will allow artists and creative or cultural professionals to become involved in the city’s social and cultural life, thereby enriching their work and experience. It will also help local artists gain international experience and recognition by giving them access to residencies in other countries.

The program will not just provide premises for artists to work in. It will also be an enriching experience for both the artist and the host city, based on a dialogue between them.

The Bòlit Centre is also interested in establishing cooperation agreements with public and private arts centers in Spain and abroad in order to organize artistic exchanges, offering residencies for their artists in Girona while helping local artists to gain international experience and recognition.

Residency space

Bòlit’s Girona Creativa residency space is next to the city’s old quarter, some 200 m from the cathedral and 50 m. from one of the city’s art centres, Bòlit_StNicolau. It is located at the start of the Sant Daniel valley in a setting that combines Romanesque architecture and nature.

The small studio flat on Carrer Galligants in Girona has a bedroom, workspace, kitchen and bathroom, together with the necessary household furnishings and appliances, bed linen and Wi-Fi internet. The studio flat should be left in the same neat and tidy conditions as residents find it.

  • Bòlit. Contemporary Art Centre. Girona is a municipal facility whose mission is to put together programmes to research, produce and exhibit contemporary art projects by national and international creators and professionals from other fields of knowledge with strong ties to the local context.
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