Fondazione per l’arte onlus.
Rome, Italy

Fondazione per l’Arte has had an international exhibition and artists’ residence project since 2014 and has welcomed more than twelve artists. It has cooperated with different national and international institutions and, in 2015, with ENSBA Lyon and the Academie française-Villa Medici. It has a solid track record of cooperation with public and private institutions. It led the AIMS – Artist in Movement project presented as part of the Creative Europe Culture EACEA CALL 47/2014 with the participation of Bòlit Art Centre of Girona and Sputnik Oz of Bratislava, among eight other European centres that brought together organisations from eleven countries.


This industrial hangar consists of 300 square meters of open space with a ceiling height of 7.10 meters. Its horizontal disposition with easy vehicle access facilitates the transport and installation of works. The space is fully accessible to the disabled and is also equipped with office space, living room and a kitchen. The working space is equipped with wireless connection. The space is located in an industrial/artisanal district and neighbouring with space itself are 50 different activities and suppliers that can provide for and support any artist’s needs, as well as materials and works.


Adjoining the venue, the Foundation possesses a large and comfortable apartment planned for the accommodation of those artists that have been invited to take part in the Foundation’s projects, and its programme of residencies. The apartment consists of three bedrooms, a bathroom, with a huge communal terrace in a one-floor building. The dwelling is not air-conditioned.

Additional support

Artists will be able to use the Art Centre’s facilities (offices, presentation spaces and equipment), if and when available and if booked beforehand.