Exploratory Study at La Soledat neighbourhood

by UIB

Taking the objectives and activities that define the project The Spur as a guide, the following offers a prospective analysis and future suggestions regarding the conversion of the main building in the southern section of Can Ribas into a space for artistic creation.

One of the features that characterises this project is the use of a powerful tool such as art as a social and cultural regeneration element in a specific area with a particularly high vulnerability level. In addition, the intervention at Can Ribas is a pioneering type of activity for Mallorca and will kick-start a new stage in the field of art, establishing the basis to offer an alternative space for artistic creation and providing new artists with the chance to gain a foothold and launch themselves into Majorcan, Balearic and even national cultural circles.

Finally, the Can Ribas project in Palma is highly important within the field of heritage conservation. On the one hand, it will contribute to an appreciation of one of the few examples of industrial heritage still standing on the island. And, on the other, it will ensure this factory (a benchmark of Mallorcan industry in the first half of the 20th century) ceases to be overlooked and continues to write its own history as a leading space for artistic creation.

Can Ribas The Spur
© Daniel Gallego Morales

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